November 14, 2019

Attendants Hear Haunting Voices On Plane While Touching Down – They Don’t Stop Them

While this wasn’t too long of a flight, there’s still that anticipation to disembark. Nicole Trego is a passenger and a chaperone for her students’ trip to New York City. They are all on this flight together to go to the Big Apple to perform. She was the one who took this beautiful video of her students pulling off a great impromptu performance during the safe landing of their flight.

The video opens to everyone still seated while male voices start to sing none other than Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” One of the flight attendants pokes her head in to see what on earth is going on! Suddenly, the female voices chime in, creating a reverberating harmony throughout the plane, heightening the impact of the song. People are taking out their phones, while a man has his arm lifted, conducting. The cabin crew just looks on. What can they do? The singing is beautiful, and it’s not harming anyone. In fact, it’s quite welcome! It seems to be pleasing everyone.

Their voices are in perfect time and sound so haunting. Even though it’s a small space, they seem to have it worked out, and the result is chilling. Nicole uploaded this clip to her Facebook page and has since received very positive feedback, noting how lovely, beautiful and inspirational the group of students are. This one is definitely a crowd pleaser, and I hope to encounter something like this on my next journey!

Click below to watch this surprise performance in the unlikeliest of places!

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