November 14, 2019

Heidi Steps Onstage. Seconds Later, Spellbinding Act Magically Transforms Her Into A Tiger.

Artists Oskar and Gaspar are digital projection artists, meaning with the click of a button, they can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Anything blank can suddenly turn into something beyond your wildest imagination, bright in color and with movement. Their vision? To turn a human body into something magical.

This duo is also something special because as per the people on stage, no one has ever seen them. When Mel B asks if they’ll ever get to see them, the men simply state that the crowd will be able to meet their vision.

After a quick exchange with the judges, the group chooses to call upon Heidi to take the stage with them; she is the “chosen one” to be a part of their artistic endeavor. At first, she wasn’t too convinced. She sat there, wide-eyed, not wanting to go up. But, she’s a good sport, so off she went to help out with this act!

They take her backstage, and then Heidi comes out, dressed in white and unsure of what she’s gotten herself into. She’s up there saying, “Why did they pick me!?” The crowd laughs, she stands firmly, the lights go down, and the show starts.

What happens next is stunning. All eyes are on her, as her outline starts to glow. The music is upbeat and funky, and the projections start to roll on – Heidi is transformed into Mel B, then she takes on the appearance of Simon! She becomes a tiger, a snake, a psychedelic kaleidoscope of color and movement – all while standing still. There is no movement, no costume changes; it’s all just the magic of a projected light show. Have you ever seen something like this before? It’s truly mesmerizing. Needless to say, the judges and audience were taken aback with delight! I hope to see more from Oskar and Gaspar!

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