November 14, 2019

Little Girl Is Being Kidnapped On Street When A Car Pulls Up And Foils The Entire Plan

Reports say that Amy was on her way to school when an unknown woman ran across the street, grabbed the little girl, and started walking her away in another direction. Amy recalls that it was in this moment that she thought she’d never see her mom or anyone else from her family, again. The incident took place in Santa Ana, California.

As ABC7 further reports, the stranger who came to Amy’s rescue saw that the child was struggling to get away from the woman who approached her. That’s when she pulled her car up and rolled her window down. This woman didn’t want to be named, but she did provide a brief interview to the press. The good samaritan says, “[I was yelling] ‘Let her go!’ And as soon as my voice changed she let her go and Amy walked into my car.” This lady then took Amy to her school where the 12-year-old was reunited with her aunt.

Amy’s aunt said that there were a lot of cars going by but not one stopped until this woman figured that something wasn’t right. The family tagged this woman as an “angel,” but she said that it was her motherly instincts that kicked in the right in time. “When you’re a parent, and you see somebody else’s child in danger, automatically you react as if it was yours.”

As for the culprit responsible for this kidnapping, she was caught and immediately arrested. The preliminary charges laid on this lady were of attempted kidnapping. The motive behind the crime remains unknown.

This story serves as a crucial reminder to families to ensure the safety of your children, and those in your neighborhood. A buddy system would be a great way to make sure that children have someone they can walk and from school with; find someone in the area that goes to the same school and see if your child can partner up with them for the walk.

We’re just so glad this story has a happy ending.

Click on the link below to watch the news broadcast of the events.

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