September 16, 2019

Ellen Gets A Call On Set. Woman Confirms It’s About An Audience Member And Her Sick Daughter.

Becky and Kim became each other’s support system, and they would carpool together for their chemotherapy appointments and be just across from one another during these sessions. They were there for one another every single day, and aside from their family and friends being by their side as well, Becky and Kim also had Ellen DeGeneres.

In the video below, Becky and Kim are in the audience of Ellen’s show; they’re eventually asked to make their way to the front and join Ellen on stage. It is then that they tell Ellen how her show brought so much love, light, and laughter into their lives when they were battling cancer.

The mom and daughter duo are slowly recovering and getting back into life’s routine, and of course, Ellen is around to lend a helping hand.

Click below to see how Becky and Kim got called down to chat with Ellen, and how the TV show host makes their day even better!

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