October 13, 2019

Former Pop Star Performs Moving Song, Forcing The Judge To Slam Golden Buzzer

Lifford was a collaborator and fell out of the spotlight when he needed some time to work on himself, dealing with depression and anxiety. After years of not being on stage, the talented man has emerged stronger than ever before, gracing the “Britain’s Got Talent” stage to show the audience and judges he’s still got it.

Singing Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come,” Lifford had the audience the moment he opened his mouth. His soulful, gospel-singing vibe reverberated through the room, as he removes the mic from the stand and gives it all he’s got. He makes his way through the song and finishes with grandeur as everyone stands up with big smiles and applauding.

His wife on the sidelines is ecstatic, really proud and happy for her husband… and then, it happens – Alesha slams on the gold buzzer and Lifford’s face lights up. This is a true moment of achievement!

Click below to watch this man unleash a stunning voice – he deserves this golden buzzer all the way!

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