November 19, 2019

One Of The Kids Cut Dog’s Fur Off. Clever Dad Finds Out Who Did It, Has Internet Applauding.

This dad saw an opportunity and ran with it when the family dog’s fur had been cut, but no one owned up to it. In the car, just before the kids go off to gymnastics, dad corners his young son and daughter and gives them a chance to ‘fess up – neither of which do.

So dad has to bring in the big guns and say, “Here’s the deal. Mommy’s going to take the hair she has in a ziplock baggie, and she’s going to take it to the police station. And they’ll tell us who cut the hair cause we’ll have the fingerprints. Whoever did it, I’ll know, and you’ll be in trouble.” He then provides them with one last chance to say something. There’s a bit of back and forth, but then dad gets his answer and teaches his kids a lesson about honesty!

Want to see who the culprit was? Click below to find out!

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