October 13, 2019

Man’s Performance Gets Even Better When He Walks Downstage To Hold Judge’s Hand

Upon taking the stage, Steve gave the thumbs up and burst into song, the classic “Somewhere (There’s A Place For Us)” from the 1957 Broadway musical “West Side Story” – a perfect song choice, very well suited for his deep, bellowing voice. He starts slow and methodic, gaining momentum and speed, and the audience’s undivided attention. His shyness quickly dissipates as he gains confidence.

So much so, this is where his personality shines. Steve makes his way down the stairs and towards the judges at the point in the song when he sings, “Hold my hand, and we’re halfway there.” He’s making his way towards Michelle Visage but pulls a quick one and edges to Jason Byrne. The audience roars with laughter, Michelle throws her hands up in the air and Jason seems entranced with Steve’s bravado. Steve actually holds Jason’s hand for a few moments and gets down on his knees! All in all, this was an exceptional performance that showcased Steve’s big talent and charm. I look forward to seeing more of what he’s got!

Click on the link below to see how he’s getting started on “Ireland’s Got Talent.”

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