November 19, 2019

Woman With Ultra Thin Hair Gets New ‘Do That Totally Transforms Her Look

In the confessional video, before the transformation gets underway, Delaine delves a little deeper into her backstory. She shares how when she lost weight, a lot of her hair started to fall out. Due to problems with her thyroid as well, all of it wreaked havoc on her body and caused her hair to thin out even more. Rather than feeling insecure and not doing anything about it, she travelled to meet Christopher so he could work his magic on her!

He starts to run his fingers through her hair, discussing how fine Delaine’s mane is. She also mentions she used to be a blonde – this gives him an idea! With Delaine’s thin hair and history as a blonde, he knows exactly what to do to restore her self-esteem and make her look drop-dead gorgeous (not like she wasn’t before her transformation!).

Click below to see how Christopher brings Delaine back to life!

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