November 17, 2019

12-Year-Old’s Performance Of Classic Song Has One Judge On His Feet — On The Chair!

From her cheerful facial expressions to her high notes, Diana left everyone and the internet speechless with her talent. Just at the age of 12, one is impressed by her mature, raw, flawless voice that can reach levels most of ours can’t.

As the camera pans onto the judges, she left one standing on top of their seat, another tightly grasping onto their chair, and a third fighting back the tears. As the rest of us listen, we know just how the judges feel.

While Diana provided a unique version of the Parton-Houston tune, one also can’t help to notice that in many parts, she captured Houston’s voice perfectly, virtually twinning it.

Even though Diana did not win “The Voice Kids” competition, she rightfully earned the opportunity to showcase her beautiful voice on national television, or more like, we were lucky to have the opportunity to even hear her voice. There is no doubt that this young girl will have a very bright future ahead of her.

To hear the true beauty of Diana’s voice, watch the video below.

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