September 16, 2019

Baby Listens To Andrea Bocelli Sing For The First Time, His Emotional Reaction Is Adorable

On one Sesame Street episode, Andrea was featured, singing alongside Elmo, a beautiful tune before bed to try to get the little guy to fall asleep quicker. Fortunately for Anna Feldman and her son Abriel, they were not only watching the episode, but mom was also recording little Abriel’s reaction to hearing Bocelli, and it is a definite must-watch.

Through the viral video, Abriel has a series of smiles, emotional frowns, followed by smiles again after hearing the singer’s gorgeous lullaby to the furry, red puppet. We even notice at several parts of the video Abriel’s eyes filling with tears.

Abriel was incredibly engaged through the song, neither turning away of boredom nor getting distracted by an outside source. His sweet reactions prove to us that even the little ones are emotionally moved by the singer-songwriter.

Forget children’s classics and Baby Mozart; this adorable baby is well beyond his years!

To see the baby’s reaction to hearing Bocelli, check out the below video.

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