November 14, 2019

Oprah Is Sick Of Dog Poop On Her Carpet! She Shares A DIY Trick To Instantly Get Rid Of It All.

In the video shared below, Oprah tells you that there are only two ingredients you need to get this cleaning job done. Which ones are they? Check them out, here:

  • club soda
  • dish detergent

Now, you may be thinking how club soda and dish detergent can come together to create a stain remover, right? The popular TV show host had us thinking the same. But, as soon as she puts these two things into action on a stain of gravy (equivalent to dog poop in this demonstration), we’re 100% sold. And trust me, you will be too.

The key to this technique is that you put the two ingredients on the stain and blot. You shouldn’t scrub the stain left, right and center because there’s a chance that it will seep deeper into the carpet. You can simply blot the stain away for a quick and effective clean.

Want to see Oprah put this trick in action? Then click on the link below, now!

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