November 19, 2019

Mysterious Dog Leaps Out Of Nowhere To Signal Emergency To Lost Trooper

Intrigued, and with no other options, the officer followed him, noticing that the dog, Buddy, was subtly giving off cues that he was leading – speeding up, looking back, and galloping. Officer Shanigan describes the situation as intuitive, he “…let the dog’s mushing instincts take over.” He had a gut feeling all along while feeling a connection with Buddy.

The officer followed him down and around the roads, and lo and behold, a house was up in blazing flames. Buddy even ran to the driver’s side when Officer Shanigan opened it, his nose nudging towards the house.

Buddy, the German Shepherd, was awarded a silver bowl at a ceremony in his honor for his heroic actions – he saved his owner’s life, again. In the past, he’s scared off bears while his owner was fishing.

Click below to watch the raw video and an interview with Officer Shanigan. Although Buddy has passed away since then, the memory of this incredible dog still lives on.

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