November 19, 2019

52-Year-Old Starts By Adding Purple To Her Grey Hair, Then Finishes With Glamorous Transformation

Monique Parent’s YouTube channel is making life fabulous after forty. With a 25-year career in the film industry in over 100 films including sci-fi, indie drama, and comedy flicks, she was known for her intense love scenes. Monique gained quite the following with her reputation throughout the industry, and she was a popular face.

This stunner, once a redhead, gave up coloring her hair when she turned 50. In this video, she proves she’s still the glamour goddess she was on camera, only with a twist. Monique has spunk and doesn’t conform to the beauty ideals of society. She goes from every day to drop-dead gorgeous, showing that all it takes is confidence with a bit of know-how and ingenuity.

Check the link below to see her go from now to wow.

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