October 13, 2019

Scott McCreery Sings “Christmas In Heaven” And Brings Hope For Those Grieving Lost Loved Ones

That is why singer, Scotty McCreery, has sung this spine-chillingly song, in hopes of creating a silver lining when it comes to love and loss over the Christmas period. He sings his song, “Christmas in Heaven,” soulfully and so beautifully that it’s near impossible not to feel a sense of peace and warmth within.

The lyrics let us know that we still have wonderful memories of those who have passed and that we should cherish those memories during the holidays. Some of his powerful lyrics read, “I wonder what Christmas in Heaven is like,” and, “Are you kneeling with shepherds before him now; Can you reach out and touch his face; Are you part of that glorious Holy night?” And with this, his song, magically, lets our minds wander and our hearts flutter.

Give the stunning performance a watch in the video clip below, and experience the soothing sound that is Scotty McCreery’s voice. If you’ve loved his special singing, be sure to like and share it with your family and friends, and remember to stay safe during this holiday season!

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