November 19, 2019

14-Year-Old Leaves The Judges Open-Mouthed With Her Striking Opera Performance

14-year-old Leah Barniville is from Ireland and dreams of pursuing a career in the music industry. Before coming in front of the judges, Leah says that she’s been singing her whole life. She sings while brushing her teeth and even when she’s trying to fall asleep at night. In short, nothing can stop Leah from singing.

The fact that she’s unstoppable is quite clear once she gets on stage and starts her performance. As soon as she’s given the go-ahead, the teen belts out a beautiful opera performance in Italian. The audience is almost immediately moved by Leah’s powerful voice; you can see her baby brother begins to cry in the crowd.

The judges sit there enthralled by what they’re listening to and based on their applause mid-performance, it was evident that they had nothing but positive things to say about Leah’s act.

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