September 16, 2019

Woman Wants To Be Taken Seriously At Work, So Makeover Guy Gives Her A Powerful Transformation

Christopher is known as the “Makeover Guy.” He has worked with so many different people, and his makeovers have always been successful. So, Mary Johnson from Fargo, North Dakota, decided to head over to his salon in Minneapolis and have them revamp her looks! Before her drastic change, she’s a beautiful woman with grey cropped hair and green eyes. When they ask her how she’s feeling before the makeover, she responds, “Anxious.”

When she meets Christopher, Mary says she doesn’t want purple or blue hair, and she wants to be taken seriously at work. So, the infamous Makeover Guy gets to work!

Mary can’t believe her eyes by the time the team is done with her new look. She takes one look at herself and jokingly says, “It’s incredible. It’s like a different person.” It’s safe to say that everyone enjoys their new look once Christopher is done his job and there’s no room for disappointment. So, Mary was in good hands! But we won’t tell you exactly what she looked like after she came out of the salon!

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