November 19, 2019

Principal Dances With Step Team, School Roars In Cheers After Her Skills Prove Them Wrong

Students usually have a firm and stern persona, but it seems like this woman is not only fun, but she also has a lot of personality to add to the school’s activities! 49-year-old Dr. Donna Reynolds is the new principal at the secondary school this year and is fully aware that teens take time to warm up to someone new in charge. So she thought out of the box and joined the step team to show the school she means business!

Donna is dressed in the same uniform as the other girls and is giving her all in the high-energy performance! We loved it! The principal was taken aback by the response she got from the teens as they all got out of their seats to cheer even louder than before!

The energy in the room after the principal stepped up is contagious! Watch it for yourself in the video below and like and share this post with family and friends.

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