September 16, 2019

10-Year-Olds Step On Stage And Win Hearts Over With Their Epic ‘Footloose’ Dance

It begins with Paige standing on the table where the judges are seated. She’s wearing a beautiful pink dress that swirls around as she moves and displays her immense talent and energy. Then, she joins her friend, Artyon, on stage, where the pair goes ahead and dances like it’s the most effortless and fun activity ever. They’ve both got big smiles and tons of energy that is radiated throughout the entire venue.

Together, they do a combination of impressive dance moves, along with backflips, and an impressive number of turns—something usually only professional ballerinas are capable of! Then finally, Artyon lifts Paige into the air, and they both end by doing the splits!

The cherry on the cake, however? Even Simon, a judge notoriously known for being hard-to-please, can be seen bopping his head in enjoyment! So, it goes without saying that these two extremely talented and passionate dancers made it through to the next round, giving several other amazing performances in the shows that followed.

Give the sweet and impressive video below a watch, and let us know your thoughts in the comments! If you’ve loved it, be sure to like and share it with your family and friends!

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