November 17, 2019

Sister Sings Elvis Classic, But Brother Joins In And Transforms Performance Into Chilling Mashup

The siblings are entirely in tune as the serenade the internet with these two beloved songs. Their voices complement one another just perfectly, and just by watching them sing, you can tell how much they enjoy their hobby of singing with each other.

But they’re not just singing in this video. Kenny is also accompanying the performance of the piano, and the melody is soft and delicate—he knows not to let the music of the piano overpower the duo’s powerful singing!

We bet that mom and dad are proud of these siblings coming together and creating beautiful music for people around the world to enjoy.

Click on the link below and watch Capri and Kenny perform this amazing mashup. If you enjoyed it as much as we did, then don’t forget to like share this post with family, friends, and all those Elvis fans!

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