November 19, 2019

Julius The Puppet Tells Terry Fator He Can Sing With Soul, Breaks Into Gnarls Barkley’s "Crazy"

A ventriloquist is someone who, with the help of a dummy/puppet, will make it seem like there are two different people in the room, having a casual conversation. Obviously, puppets and dummies don’t talk (or do they?), so it’s actually the ventriloquist himself that is in charge of taking out these voices and making them individual. And that is quite the talent!

Terry mastered this talent and took everyone by surprise when he showed up to present his first ever act on AGT—everyone couldn’t have enough! Since then, the man has been performing far and wide, and his performances come with different dummies/puppets; he’s known to use 15 different puppets for his acts which means 15 different voices and personalities.

We already shared the video of him and his friend who belts out Elvis’ “Blue Christmas.” Now it’s time for everyone to meet Julius, another one of Terry’s puppets. Julius is keen on sharing a song with his listeners, and his voice is phenomenal.

Give Julius and Terry a listen below, and if you enjoyed this act, then don’t forget to like and share this post with family and friends!

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