October 13, 2019

Contestant Silences Judges With Performance Of ‘Creep’ And Audience Instantly Breaks Out In Cheers

While these original acts are a huge draw for viewers to the show, it is often the more traditional talent that goes the distance and makes it to the finals. Singers, in particular, tend to dominate the ranks of talented people. Just when you think you’ve heard every wonderful voice out there, someone appears on AGT and makes you wonder how they made it this far in life without becoming famous. There are tons of singing competitions on television, but this contest seems to draw the best and unique.

Last year, Brian Justin Crum blew everyone away when he auditioned with Queen’s “Somebody to Love.” I honestly thought there was no way he could top that, but when he decided to perform Radiohead’s “Creep,” he took his talent to a whole new level. Brian touched the audience with his personal story, then when he opened his mouth to sing, the entire theater went silent. They held their collective breaths, and a spell fell over the theater. No one could have predicted this spectacular performance that left even Simon Cowell speechless.

This astounding performance is one you must see to believe, so watch it below. Please like and share and family and friends!

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