October 13, 2019

Autistic Man Has Breakdown At Airport. Airline Worker Steps In And Becomes His Hero.

“I succumbed to the worst meltdown of my life,” he said. “I was crying my eyes out, rocking back and forth as my muscles convulsed at a rapid pace. Sweating profusely, I was hyperventilating while my body shook in terror.”

Luckily, that was when David appeared, an employee of American Airlines, and asked Russel what was wrong. “I was barely able to get any words out,” Russell said. “I believe I mumbled the words, ‘I don’t know. I can’t think, I have autism.’”

What David did next was truly heaven-sent. He calmly asked Russel if he would be interested in a rerouted flight, and gave him 10 minutes to think. After, he returned with the pilot of the plane! Together, David and the pilot helped Russel on-board and created an experience that completely transformed his terrible situation into a positive and noteworthy one. What an absolute angel!

Watch the clip below for the full story. If you’ve loved this video and the beautiful message, be sure to share it with your family and friends!

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