November 19, 2019

This Man’s Ordinary Selfie Turned Into An Epic Photobomb Session

The video begins with the man talking to the camera as his new friend rests its head nicely on his shoulder. Then he explains, “Here’s my new friend,” and no matter how much he talks or moves around, the seal is positively not going anywhere. It seems like it was completely content with hanging out with its new buddy on a boat!

So how’s that for an epic photobomb? So epic, in fact, that the man in question decided to film a video as opposed to snapping a shot of the hilarious event. And while many people have had mixed feelings about the occurrence—some shocked, scared, panicked—others thought that this was the perfect way in which to spend an afternoon.

What do you think? Would you enjoy the thrill of having a seal as a BFF? And would you be as calm as this guy, while hanging out? Let us know in the comments.

Additionally, watch the photobomb in the link below and don’t forget to share this hilarious occasion with your family and friends to see their priceless reaction.

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