November 14, 2019

8-Year-Old Boy Beats Woman On Street In A Heroic Act To Save Baby Brother From Kidnapper.

A woman and her two children, eight and two, waited at a bus stop. They were approached by a woman, who looked a bit like a man and appeared kind at first. She came up to them and said, “You have a beautiful kid.”

Suddenly, she hit the mother and tried to yank the toddler out of his mother’s hands. The 8-year-old boy immediately jumped in to defend his family by hitting and punching the kidnapper, yelling, “Let my brother go!”

The would-be kidnapper took off running as the mother dialed 9-1-1. When the police arrived, the boy reported, “We were fighting her off with all our might. We were guarding my little brother so she couldn’t take him.”

The boy then described the small, gray car the kidnapper was driving. He described her this way, “Her voice was like a girl, but she looked like a man.” The boy’s clear description helped the police to find and arrest 52-year-old Lisa Arnold, who had attempted another kidnapping that day, only 20 minutes earlier. Thankfully, she didn’t succeed in either kidnapping and in this instance, because of a protective “big” brother.

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