October 13, 2019

His 6-Year-Old Daughter Was Killed By A Drunk Driver. But Father Now Says Her Mother Is To Blame.

And perhaps the most heart-wrenching part of the story? “I’m going to show you something that is the end result of your partying on Friday nights, Saturday nights, whenever. Want to get drunk, play around, get stupid? This is what happens…” When he turns the camera to the headstone, we learn that drunk driver that killed Lindsey was her own mother.

Such a tragic and unexpected twist to the story. The father had already been grieving all along but the fact that his wife is responsible for his child’s death is even more heartbreaking to him. My heart goes out to Rick and his family.

You can watch the emotional plea in the video below. Please support Rick’s cause and share this importantmessage with family and friends..

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