November 14, 2019

These Are Some Of The TV Moms We All Love

These characters range from which mom you’d be most likely to borrow clothes from. And then there’s the mom that always has you laughing. Can you guess which TV mom can be the one who always had all os us in stitches? Here’s a hint: One of them is in “Golden Girls”. But she does take the crown with another favorite TV mother.

The best part about this short and sweet video is that it takes us all the way back to classics like “Family Ties”, “Murphy Brown”, and even “The Fresh Prince of Belair”.

Who would you say your favorite TV mom is? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

In the mean time, watch the short snippet and share it with family and friends to remind them of some of the most iconic TV moms in the history of television.


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