November 17, 2019

Man Has To Repeat Himself To Waitress. But Then He Notices Her Hearing Aid, And Decides To Help.

When one of her hearing aids broke, a customer at the restaurant where she works noticed that he had to repeat himself a few times when speaking with Keri. Instead of becoming frustrated, he took the time to notice that she was only wearing one hearing aid. She didn’t yet have the money needed to fix the other one.

So, the kind man offered her $500 so that she could get it fixed, and wouldn’t allow her to turn it down and soon, she was in tears. What a lovely reminder that good things happen to good people! In addition, the owner of the restaurant offered to donate part of the money earned in t-shirt sales to the American Society for Deaf Children.

Watch the video below and see this gesture of goodwill for yourself. Don’t forget to like and share this story!

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