November 14, 2019

Realtor Son Takes Single Mom On Tour Of House He Reconstructed For Work, Then Says “It’s Yours”.

This video is actually about a son who gives his mother an unforgettable gift, on no certain occasion, all in hopes that she’ll understand how much he means to her and that he appreciates all that she’s done for him. Realtor Josh DeShong took a year to renovate a dilapidated home which he wanted to show his mom, Vickie Reynolds.

Since she hadn’t seen the house in 3 months, you can watch Vickie in awe, marvelling at the interiors and in love with the place. And just as maybe Vickie thought it was time to leave, or move on to another room from the kitchen and it’s beautiful granite counter tops, her son tells her something that brings her to tears.

He says, “you never have to move out of this house”. Now isn’t that such a touching and beautiful moment shared between the son and his mother?

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