September 16, 2019

Christina Does A Spectacular Impression of Cher And It’s Taking The Internet By Storm.

When Christina appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s late night television show, it’s no surprise that he wanted to challenge her with one of his most popular games . the Wheel of Musical Impressions. It’s almost as if this game was created specifically for a voice and a personality like hers.

Gameplay is simple: A computer pairs up a random singer with an even more random song choice. The songs aren’t at all what you would expect. There are product jingles, television theme songs, patriotic songs, and more. Jimmy Fallon is a talented impressionist and is pretty good at his own game, but he’s no match for Christina’s exceptional voice.

On her first roll, Christina gets Cher (one of the divas!) and a very surprising tune. Accompanied by the house band, she performs an absolutely spot-on impression of the other singer. Let’s just say that I’ll never think of that song the same way, again.

Later, she also did a fantastic imitation of Shakira. But, my favorite impression, by far, was Christina’s imitation of Britney Spears, fellow Mickey Mouse clubber and teen queen. It’s unclear what their real-life relationship was like, but Christina’s performance was hilarious and incredibly accurate.

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