November 17, 2019

Mom Introduces Pup To New Family Member. But Jealous Dog Refuses To Let Him Have The Attention.

This video is clear proof of what happens when a pup’s owner decides to introduce a new pet to the mix—or the family. Enter this Great Dane who has been in the family a lot longer than the newest addition, and he tries to assert as much ownership as possible.

As the dog mom tries to record the pup’s reaction, you can see that he’s already starting to get slightly aggressive. He tries to pull on his owner, perhaps in efforts that she will put the new puppy down and give him all the attention that he needs (wants, and deserves!).

He even tries to give her a hug towards the end—perhaps another effort to melt her heart so she would put down his little competitor. Also keep an eye out for how he looks right at her when she’s trying to talk to him, and asks him if he’s jealous!

Wouldn’t we all want this kind of love and attention from our beloved pets?

Do you have any funny stories to share about a jealous pet? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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