September 16, 2019

Homeless Veterans Sit Shivering On Sidewalk. But Then Man Asks Them To Go Inside And Offers Them Jobs.

So, Doyle decided to do something about it. He understood the importance of making a small effort in his own Chicago community. Even the smallest gestures can make a huge difference. He decided to help homeless veterans by providing them jobs so that they could get back on their feet. Using his own savings, he started Rags Of Honor, a screen-printing company that exclusively employs vets.

The men and women he hires are not only his employees but part of his “family”. His involvement in their lives doesn’t end when the workday does. The Rags Of Honor family is a support system for 22 veterans and is growing.

Doyle cites a very important concept, that the words “You’re hired” can be the most important words to a person who is struggling. Jobs not only provide people with income but a sense of self-worth and pride. In the case of Rags of Honor, it also provides an extended family and the opportunity to help other veterans.

Click on the story below to watch this wonderful act of kindness. Please like and share the video and help spread the word about Rags of Honor!

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