November 17, 2019

Dad Lets Teenage Son Go To Party. But When Boy Texts Him The Letter ‘X’, Dad Knows He Needs Help.

Bert works with teens in addiction recovery programs and he’s heard of first-hand encounters from teens who have been subject to peer pressure and substance abuse—he wants his son to stay away from this. He’s noticed that many teens start to smoke and drink just because their friends do it.

So, to avoid his teenage son from getting into any substance abuse problems, or just an uncomfortable situation, Bert came up with something called the “X-plan”. No teen wants to go through the nagging and name-calling that comes right after rejecting a drink of alcohol or a puff of that cigarette, but the X-plan helps avoid danger and nagging.

Every time Bert’s son is at a friend’s house and he’s excessively being offered drinks or smokes, the rule is to have his son text the letter ‘X’ to a family member. That’s the indication that his son needs a way out of there. A few minutes after receiving that text message, the family member will call  up his son’s phone and tell him that something has come up and they need to pick him up immediately.

This dialogue is followed by his son questioning what happened, to which the family member will say “I will tell you when I get there”. The beauty of this plan is that Bert’s son won’t be interrogated for what was happening, since he actively asked for a way out. Bert says that the X-plan provides his son with “security and confidence in a world that tends to beat our young people into submission”.

Click on the video below and watch Bert’s full story. Please share this post with family and friends who have teenagers and can use the X-plan to their advantage.

Article source: Liftable.

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