November 17, 2019

Couple Sings Soulful Duet Of “One Day” In The Car. And Their Baby Is Ecstatic To Hear It!

The young couple in the video are seen singing a song called “One Day”—it has a very positive and powerful message that many will love to listen to! They have magnificent chemistry and the song turns out absolutely beautiful. The mother is singing the song in perfect pitch whereas the father is not only singing along but also making some awesome beats as well!

But we think it’s really worthy to pay attention to the little baby girl sitting in her mother’s lap. As the parents sing and record their performance, from a parked car, the baby is ecstatic as she listens to her parents’ vocals.

There are times when she is sitting there simply taking all the notes and pitches in, and other times when she’s so excited and is kicking her feet with a huge smile on her face! And her parents are beyond excited to see her so happy—the big smiles on their faces tell it all! Now this is a creative and fun way to spend some quality family time together!

Click on the link below and watch the entire performance for yourself! Share it with family and friends to and give everyone a reason to smile today!

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