November 17, 2019

Parents Decide To Get Divorced. Years Later, The Kids Share Their Pain Through A Striking Dance Routine.

We’ve all heard of the popular TV show called “Dancing With The Stars”, and we’re sure that everyone’s heard of Derek and Julianne Hough—two siblings that work magic on stage. And this time around for their performance, they evoked more than just a magical sensation. They made everyone cry.

Performers usually draw from past experiences to add elements of reality and relatability into their work. But no one ever thought that Derek and Julianne would ever take something so personal and share in this form with the world—they used their dance to recreate their parents’ divorce, and they dance to “Unsteady” by X Ambassadors.

They were torn apart when their parents decided to end their marriage—Julianne, 9, stayed with her mother, where as Derek, 12, remained with his father. A year later, the kids were sent to London, together, to learn dance. Every detail of their journey through their parents divorce is beautifully crafted into their performance. And it can’t get better than this.

The most heartbreaking part of the routine has to be when the two children cling to, and tug, their parents to get closer, in hopes that maybe their world won’t be torn apart if their parents gave it one more shot.

Watch the entire performance by Julianne and Derek in the video below. Share this with your family and friends, they’ll love this watch!


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