November 17, 2019

Woman Has Long Bushy Hair. But When She Goes To The Salon, They Give Her A Drastic Makeover!

The hairstylists then get to work on Elise’s look in hopes that she’ll like what they have in store for her. There was one small catch here though, Christopher’s staff and Elise decided to play a little prank on him! The staff convinced Elise to say that she wants to keep the length of her hair but just change up the color. What ends up happening is the exact opposite! Watch the video and you’ll know what we mean.

Christopher seems to be having a lot of fun with Elise’s hair before the length is completely chopped off! You can see him making all sorts of funky hair styles with her long, Rapunzel-like mane—but all in vain (and fun!). Because the end transformation can’t be styled the way he started off doing it, but it’s absolutely amazing any way!

Click on the video below and watch Elise’s transformation, and experience, with “The Makeover Guy”, for yourself. Share this with family and friends, for a fun watch!

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