November 17, 2019

Teen Hears Stranger Outside, So She Hides With 4-Year-Old Niece. But Then He Kicks Down Front Door.

Fortunately, when Savannah Jones was presented with a dangerous and frightening situation, her quick thinking and cool head kept both her and her little niece Zoyee completely safe. Her story is terrifying, even for an adult: Savannah was babysitting Zoyee in their home east of Los Angeles when she heard a knock on the door.

Without opening the door, she checked to see who was on the other side. When she saw a strange man on the porch, she reacted quickly and quietly. She took her niece into the bathroom and locked the door. She called her mother from her phone, but after more insistent knocking, the man kicked down the door.

To stay quiet, Savannah switched to text messaging. She kept her cool and shushed her little niece as she texted her mom. Her frightened texts show just how much she was afraid not for herself, but for her little niece.

Savannah’s mom contacted a neighbor and called 911. Before the neighbor or the cops could get to the house,  the man had ransacked a couple of rooms, but thankfully the girls, who were shaken, were completely unharmed. Savannah did exactly the right thing and we’re so glad everyone is safe!

Click on the video below to see the full story. Please like and share this brave young woman’s actions and help spread awareness!

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