November 17, 2019

These Guys Put An Interesting Twist On John Lennon’s "Imagine" And It Sent Chills Down My Spine.

Given the popularity of his hit solo song, “Imagine”, it is not surprising that many singers and bands, such as Elton John and A Perfect Circle, have re-done the song as a cover, in hope of causing as much success.

Today, another band has come forward with their version of the timeless classic and it’s proved to be an instant hit. They go by the name of Pentatonix and they’re a five-piece American band that sing a-cappella. Not only are their voices something of an absolute delight causing chills down your spine, but their music video is enough to bring tears to your eyes.

The video is done in such as way that each group member holds up a sign to accompany the message of the stunning song lyrics—it’s completely powerful to say the least.

Go ahead and click below to give it a listen. If you’ve absolutely adored it, let us know in the comments! Additionally, share it with your family and friends who appreciate a stunning song, John Lennon, or even just a beautiful cover.

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