November 17, 2019

4 Men Put A Unique Spin On Classic Hymns, Sending Chills Down Everyone’s Spines.

In the video you’ll see below, four men re-created three popular hymns that have caused many to fall absolutely in love. Whether you’re religious or not, hymns are soft, beautiful and soulful, and when sung in a soothing and great voice, can make almost anyone feel at peace.

The Christian singers, known as the Anthem Lights, are based in Nashville, Tennessee. They’ve re-created the mashup of three popular hymns, namely “How Great Thou Art”, “It Is Well”, and “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”, in such a way that it has the ability to give nearly anyone goosebumps. Listening to their singing voices in unison and seeing the sheer passion in their eyes is something inspiring.

So whether you’re a fan of Christian music or not, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll feel a chill down your spine when listening to these four talented singers. They’ve sincerely got a way of making you feel at home, comfortable, relaxed and impressed.

Click on the video below to see their entire performance. If you’ve adored the video, share it with your family and friends because everyone deserves a little sparkle in their day.

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